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Friends & Peradays

with Nicolas and Morgan

Saori and David

Harro harro! Saori and David here!


Hello Peradays!

We've been home again for some days now and just wanted to thank you again for the great time at Peradays/Istanbul! We hope things are going well for you and everybody else at the hotel!

I'm sure we'll be staying at your place again some time!

Best wishes,




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Two Modern Marco Polo.


Most of our guests come to Peradays by a bus or  a taxi..

But one day we saw two young gentlemen in front or our door with their bikes and we thougth that they were standing there for an inquiry. But, suprisingly they told that; “we are Patrick & Lucas… we’ve just came from Switzerland and will be your guests in Peradays…”

Their journey from Switzerland to Istanbul took almost a month biking and visiting many countries on their way.. 

At the end we have realised that they were real ‘Marco Polos’ of today and they would discover real ‘Silk Road’ ..

Perhaps they are on the roads of Iran at the moment.. 

What a courage, what a power ?..

We wish them luck on their way..


Peradays Team 


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