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David Murray Infinity Quartet "Flowers for Memo" At Babylon Bomonti
10/24/2015 1:36:05 PM
David Murray Infinity Quartet "Flowers for Memo" At Babylon Bomonti on 27th Octeber Grammy winning jazz musician David Murray’s first visit to Turkey in 1990, 25 years ago, was organized by Mehmet Uluğ. Later on, after the death of Uluğ, with whom the musician became close friends, in 2013, he composed a 3 part suite. “Mehmet Uluğ Suite” was first performed by David Murray and Infınity Quartet for the first time in March this year, in Babylon, which was co-founded by Uluğ himself. The music that came out during this performance was so powerful and meaningful that it became an album project. Produced by Brian Bacchus, who previously worked for musicians like Norah Jones and Gregory Porter, this album will be recorded at Babajim Istanbul Studios a week before the Akbank Jazz Festival. Along with “Mehmet Uluğ Suite”, David’s Murray’s tribute work for the Butch Morris and Sun Ra track that he dedicated to Pozitif, will make the repertoire of his concert to take place at the Akbank Jazz Festival.
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23 Oct. 2015 Friday (22:30-01:30) Dolunay Obruk Quartet at Nardis
10/22/2015 5:10:32 PM
Dolunay Obruk, who has been a jazz musician since 2004, is also a professional graphic designer, as well as a lyricist, composer and singer, and has taken part in many projects with eminent jazz musicians such as Neşet Ruacan, Emin Fındıkoğlu, Imer Demirer, and Cem Tuncer and shared the same stage with them. She has sung jazz music in her own unique way in performances organized both in Turkey and abroad, sometimes adding popular folkloric songs to jazz, and recently has been working on projects where she visualizes her music by combining her expertise in graphic design and vocals. Dolunay Obruk’s musical stories drawn by herself are displayed throughout her concerts, carrying the audience to a different world.
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Louise Bourgeois: Larger Than Life
10/20/2015 6:26:56 PM
Within the context of the exhibition “Louise Bourgeois: Larger Than Life”, Akbank Sanat hosts conferences that focus on one of the most important artists of the 20th century Louis Bourgeois’ art. Jean Fremon: Director of Galerie Lelong and author Fremon contributes importantly to Contemporary French letters working principally in the modes of ekphrasis, art criticism, literary commentary, narrative, and poetry. His writings span a variety of genres, including poetry, novels, and creative non-fiction. Prof. Dr. Hasan Bülent Kahraman Academic, art critic, art theorist, Vice Chairmen and Head of Department of Communication Design at Kadir Has University He worked as a faculty member and an administrator at universities like Bilkent, Sabancı, Michigan, Columbia. He was also the Ahmet Ertegun professor at Princeton University. He is consultant, board member and manager at various cultural and art institutions. He has published numerous articles and books.
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Visiting The Museum of Innocence
10/19/2015 1:53:06 PM
The Museum of Innocence is both a novel by Orhan Pamuk and a museum he has set up. From the very beginnings of the project, since the 1990s, Pamuk has conceived of novel and museum together. The novel, which is about love, is set between 1974 and the early ’00s, and describes life in Istanbul between 1950 and 2000 through memories and flashbacks centred around two families – one wealthy, the other lower middle class. The museum presents what the novel’s characters used, wore, heard, saw, collected and dreamed of, all meticulously arranged in boxes and display cabinets. It is not essential to have read the book in order to enjoy the museum, just as it is not necessary to have visited the museum in order to fully enjoy the book. But those who have read the novel will better grasp the many connotations of the museum, and those who have visited the museum will discover many nuances they had missed when reading the book. The novel was published in 2008, the museum opened in Spring 2012.
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